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数据无处不在,企业需要网络安全专家来保护它. 拥有网络安全硕士学位, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity and operations at an enterprise level. 每次只上一门6周的350vip葡京新集团, 这样你就可以在通往学位的道路上平衡工作和生活.

  • 网络安全

  • 安全 Policies

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We worked with labor market researchers to align in-demand 技能 with our program to ensure you have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate them in your coursework.

Look for the 技能 icon to see exactly which in-demand 技能 you’re learning in the courses you take.

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350vip葡京新集团提供网络安全的高级主题的指导. 学生s learn how to protect a network 从 vulnerabilities including designing a network with security in mind, 选择合适的技术, implementing security policies and touches on the human factors associated with network security. Additional topics include physical security, disaster recovery and digital forensics.","title":"Network Defense"},{"name":"CMGT/559","description":"Managing Risk and 安全 vs 机会","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"This course explores the role of the security manager who develops and manages an information security program with a deep understanding of the relationship between IS programs and the broader business goals and objectives. 主题包括但不限于, security 治理, incident management, 还有风险管理和合规. This course is aligned to the ISACA Certified 信息安全经理 (CISM®) learning domains.","title":"Managing Risk and 安全 vs. 机会"},{"name":"CYB/520","description":"Cyber Ethics","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"This course covers a range of moral, social and ethical considerations in the realm of cyberspace. 学生在私底下学习概念, 治理, 审查, and intellectual property by exploring the impact of technology on morals and ethics 从 a societal approach.","title":"Cyber Ethics"},{"name":"CYB/530","description":"网络安全 Practitioner","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"本350vip葡京新集团介绍安全操作的概念,如安全原理, network security, 云安全和事件响应. 学生s will learn about 安全 Operations Center (SOC) operations and procedures and how these relate to an incident response plan.","title":"网络安全 Practitioner"},{"name":"CYB/535","description":"Secure 编程","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"The course includes advanced concepts in programming for students who already have a background in one or more programming languages. 学生将在真实世界的网络场景中工作, database programming and security to support the cybersecurity infrastructure within an organization.","title":"Secure 编程"},{"name":"CYB/540","description":"Cryptography","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"This course covers principles and practices in cryptography exploring more in-depth concepts in network security and secure communication. 学生s will work in a variety of algorithms and how concepts like public key infrastructure, 哈希函数和加密方法有助于保护组织.","title":"Cryptography (Applied Cryptography)"},{"name":"CYB/545","description":"Threat Intelligence","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"本350vip葡京新集团提供学生对威胁情报的整体看法, including not only the types of attacks but methods to determine motivation and goals behind a variety of attacks, 数据收集与分析, 以及如何策划一个威胁情报计划. 学生s learn the entire threat analysis process and how to create effective threat intelligence reports.","title":"Threat Intelligence"},{"name":"CYB/550","description":"Technical Enterprise 安全","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will cover how to determine the best security measures based on different types of organizations. 学生s will learn how to meet the security requirements of an organization including network design, 存储, applications and security controls as well as other technologies to build or maintain a resilient enterprise architecture.","title":"Technical Enterprise 安全"},{"name":"CYB/555","description":"Enterprise 安全 Operations","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will teach students the appropriate methods and how to select the best tools for conducting a security assessment. 学生s will learn concepts in implementing incident response plans and recovery procedures and revisit how risk management is impacted by business and industry influences.","title":"Enterprise 安全 Operations"},{"name":"CYB/560","description":"MSCYB Capstone","学分":"3","mrktDesc":"学生s will use the tools and techniques gained through the sum of their 经验 and previous coursework to participate in a variety of cyber range activities and team-based activities.","title":"MSCYB Capstone"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":null,"additionalCategories":[{"description":"Elective courses allow you choose 从 two tracks: leadership/auditing or tactical cyber. 这意味着你将获得一个对你和你的目标来说独一无二的学位.","title":"7选修课"}],"showDatesCopy":"false","hideCourseDetailsLinks":null,"skillMappedProgram":"true","skillLink":"/技能-aligned-learning","enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":null,"defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, you should have the confidence and 技能 needed in this field.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":null,"overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"false","generalHeading":"0 General 教育 350vip葡京新集团","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"6核心350vip葡京新集团","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":"0 Elective 350vip葡京新集团","overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":null,"overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"在这里,您将掌握大量特定于程序的知识. By the time you finish these courses, you should have the confidence and 技能 needed in this field.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":null}'>


Your academic counselor will help schedule your courses for a cybersecurity masters degree.

What you'll learn

当你获得校园或在线网络安全硕士学位时, 你将会有一套具体的技能可以应用到工作中去. 

You'll learn how to:

  • 使用网络安全标准和策略设计企业要素.
  • 考虑企业网络安全中的道德和隐私协议.
  • 在风险管理中实施网络安全框架和政策.

Specialize your 网络安全理学硕士 by choosing electives that align with CompTIA and EC Council certifications in the following areas:

职业生涯 & 结果



  • Network 安全 Analyst
  • 信息rmation 安全 Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • 安全 Officer
  • Data Processing Manager
  • 信息安全经理
  • 应用程序开发总监
33 %

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 信息安全分析师的就业增长预计将是 much faster than average between 2020 and 2030.


Paying for school

而教育成本平均上升了2.在美国是6%.S. 每年, our 学费 Guarantee ensures you’ll pay one flat rate 从 the moment you enroll to the day you graduate.


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350vip葡京新集团获得了美国高等教育委员会(HLC)的认证, hlcommission.org. 自1978年以来, University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its predecessor.

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350vip葡京新集团不知道三年后这个领域会变成什么样子. 350vip葡京新集团只知道威胁呈指数增长. 350vip葡京新集团必须让员工做好应对这些威胁的准备.”

Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz

教师、学院的业务 & IT

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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections are not specific to University of Phoenix students or graduates.